The following code allows you to send SMS using your knowledge in Windev. This is the same principle if you use Webdev.

HTTPCréeFormulaire("sendSMSform") // Create a form with name as sendSMSform

// Now Initiate the parameters
HTTPAjouteParamètre("sendSMSform","username","233xxxxxx") // Your username
HTTPAjouteParamètre("sendSMSform","apikey","xxxxxx") // ApiKey
HTTPAjouteParamètre("sendSMSform","senderid", "ASPSMS") // Sender ID
HTTPAjouteParamètre("sendSMSform","msg","Test Message WINDEV") // Message content
HTTPAjouteParamètre("sendSMSform","dest","233xxxxxx,233xxxxxx,233xxxxxx") // MSIDSN (Number of the recipient in the International format)
HTTPAjouteParamètre("sendSMSform","authmode","http") // Mandotory. Do not change. Case sensitive

// Now send the form Using POST method
SI HTTPEnvoieFormulaire("sendSMSform","",httpPost,"","","","","") = Vrai ALORS
Info("Confirmation","MESSAGE SENT !","")

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